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  • Sunday, 15 January 2023
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China Spring Festival Notice of holidays
SneakerCome wishes everyone a Happy New Year As Chinese New Year holiday approaches, SneakerCome company will be closed on January 16 and resume work on January 28.(China time) The logistics carrier will be on holiday from January 16 (China time) to January 27.
All other Chinese sellers will suspend business during this period!

Customer Service
During this time the website is running normally. At the same time, the customer service will send the order confirmation and refund processing as usual, but the delivery can only be made after the logistics company resumes work. During the period, each order will be reduced by $5 (coupons can be stacked)

If the shoes are not sent out before January 16th, you need to wait until the 28th to continue to arrange delivery. After resuming work on the 28th, we will arrange QC and delivery according to the order.

Please check the above announcement time carefully when placing an order. If you can't wait, please contact customer service to request a refund. Customer service will check all messages, please do not send messages repeatedly.

Customer service contact information
whatsapp:+1 2014648465

SneakerCome thanks everyone for accompanying us year after year, and I wish you all good health and all the best !!!

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