How To Order

Order & Payment Process

How to order on Sneaker Come website?

① Step

After entering Sneaker Come, click create account in the upper right corner of the webpage to register

② Step

You can log in with Google account account or you can choose email to register an account for login

③ Step

After watching the product description and selecting the size, you can click "Buy Now" for the next operation

④ Step

Please fill in your information address first. You can ask our employees if they have coupons through WhatsApp or email. After filling in all the information, we can proceed to the next step

⑤ Step

If you need, you can fill in your ideas here. If we can solve it, we'll deal with it. If we can't handle it, we'll contact you. If there is no problem, we can start the next step

⑥ Step

Please pay according to the details. After contacting us, send us your PayPal email and we will send you PayPal payment bill. After payment and check with our staff, we will send the goods within 3-4 working days (during which there is a 7-day transshipment period, so we can't find the logistics information). In the meantime, we will show you the quality control chart to check the goods. If there is no problem, we will arrange the shipment, and then click "next" to jump to our WhatsApp