Return & Exchange

Sneaker Come In order to give each customer a safe and secure shopping experience, we not only provide strict quality inspection services before shipping, but also provide 30-day return and exchange guarantee.

Returnable goods

Products that can be returned/refunded or exchanged within 30 days of receipt must comply with the following standards:

1. The received goods have non-artificial quality problems. (We re-ship the order)

2. The received product model/size is incorrect. (We re-ship the order)

3. It does not meet your expectations within 30 days after receipt, unwashed, unused, and ensure that the packaging and goods are intact. We can accept your return, but you need to bear all shipping costs.

Non-returnable goods

We will not accept returns in the following cases:

1. Products outside the 30-day warranty period.

2. Commodities that have been washed, worn, used or destroyed by humans.

3. The irresistible factors during transportation cause damage to the outer packaging.

4. Non-quality issues, such as excess glue issues.

5. You choose the wrong model or size.

Note: All return requests need to contact our customer service via WhatsApp or Email. Otherwise, we will not accept return and exchange requests.

Return process and time frame

Please follow our return process carefully to minimize delays:

1. Provide your order number and return reason to our customer service.

2. Our customer service team will respond to your request within 24 hours and provide you with our return address.

3. Please follow the customer service instructions to return the product, and send us a return certificate in the form of a tracking number and a valid return receipt.

4. After receiving the returned goods, we will contact you via whatsapp or Email, and arrange an exchange or refund within 3 days.